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For lovers of crepe, that delicious pancake-like dessert that’s been everyone’s favorite breakfast staple for generations, waking up and delving into a hot plate of crepe will be the start of a perfect day. To make the dream possible, get yourself your very own crepe maker so that your mornings would consist of bites from crepe-heaven. To help you in your search for the best crepe maker, here is a comparison of two products.

Which is the Best Crepe Maker to buy in 2013?

Electric Crepe Maker with BONUS Silicone Basting Brush SL1000

Electric Crepe Maker with BONUS Silicone Basting Brush SL1000

This Silver Line SL1000 crepe maker doesn’t strike you as a fancy crepe maker. The unit weighs in at four pounds with a 7.5 inch diameter cooking surface. But, the overall length of the product is around 14 inches.

The SL1000, just like most other crepe makers sold in the market today, come coated with a non-stick cooking surface. This is a must-have feature if you want your crepes to be easily flipped and removed from the pan, leaving behind no residues whatsoever. Not to mention, having a non-stick coated pan means less messy cleanup sessions. The unit is also equipped with an indicator ready light, to tell you when the pan’s heated enough for you to start making delicious crepes. In order for you to regulate the temperature while cooking, the unit comes with an electrical thermostat. With each purchase, you can also get yourself a free plastic dish for dipping and a brush. But, you may be disappointed with the fact that the plastic dish is made from materials that make it seem flimsy.
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13-inch Krampouz Tibos Electric Crepe Maker

13-inch Krampouz Tibos Electric Crepe Maker

The first thing that will strike you about the difference between the Krampouz Tibos and the Silver Line SL1000 is the former’s more refined and sophisticated look. The Tibos is also handle-free, and sits on top of an electric base. Its dimensions are 15.4×15.1×5.4 inches with a weight of about eight pounds.
With a cooking surface diameter of 13 inches, the Tibos has a larger cooking surface than the SL1000.

There are several items that are included with each purchase of the Tibos. You can get the cleaning brush, so that cleaning won’t be such a hassle, and the job will be made much easier too thanks to the unit’s non-stick pan. Other items include the scraper and wooden crepe turner. As happy as you are knowing that you’ll save some money from having to buy these items separately, you may cringe knowing that some users say that you can actually do without these items. In terms of its other features, the Tibos is not that much different from the SL100. It is also equipped with an indicator light to tell you when the pan’s heated enough and a regulator thermostat that is handled by a cursor.
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Buying the Best Crepe Maker

So, which one of these two is the best crepe maker? To sum it all up, the SL100 from Silver Line and the Tibos from Krampouz are actually pretty similar products when their features are compared. However, if you want the much better-looking machine and much bigger crepes, then go with the Tibos.

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